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How we communicate


connectlogoConnect is a secure online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. It will give our teachers a tool to deliver content to the students via an online classroom. This means your children will be able to share with you what they are learning about, submit assignments and discuss issues together online anywhere, anytime. For you, Connect provides easy access to information relevant to your child's classes and learning such as assessments, teacher feedback and attendance data.

Mukinbudin DHS will also be using Connect to keep you updated with important information such as

  • Up-coming events
  • Excursions
  • Classroom activities
  • Photos & stories

These will be sent to you via email or push notification on your phone.

Each parent will have their own secure login to Connect. Connect is free and, because it is provided by the Department of Education, very safe. As well as being able to login to Connect on any internet-enabled device, you may also receive notices from Connect that will be sent to you as either an email or a notification on your phone. A free app called Connect Now can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store and will let you receive Connect notices as push notifications.

apple google play

If you have multiple children you only need one login; even if your children attend different public schools.

Check out the short video clip on Connect

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and see it as an exciting new way for you to stay in touch with your child's school journey.


Assemblies are held twice a term (except in Term 4) on a Thursday afternoon in the Assembly area. Dates of each assembly are advised through the ‘Messenger‘ newsletter, Class Presentation Assemblies begin at 2.15pm and Awards Assemblies start at 2.30pm. At these assemblies coming events are discussed, small celebrations are shared and a merit award is given to selected children from each class. Parents and Community members are welcome to attend.

At the end of the school year a Presentation Evening is held. Students present items and Academic Excellence, Endeavour and other Awards are presented. Graduating students are acknowledged as well as Kindy students.

Emergency Contacts and Health Information

Parents are requested to ensure that the emergency contacts (especially phone numbers) registered on their child’s enrolment are current at all times. Annual Update Forms will be sent out in the first weeks of the new school year. Please include mobile phone numbers & email addresses as well.

This information is very important, please keep the school up to date on any changes.

If your child has a Medical Condition it is really important that a Health Care Plan is in place to ensure your child receives the appropriate treatment.

School Newsletter

The School Newsletter is called the 'Messenger' and is a newsletter that is sent out to parents fortnightly. The information is accessed online through the schools Facebook page and the Department's Connect program.

In addition, notes are sent or emailed home to provide details about upcoming events and to seek parent permission for student participation in different activities. We appreciate your efforts to remind your children to show you these notes.

Download the latest "Messenger"

Reporting to Parents

Parent Interviews

From time to time, a teacher may have concerns about your child’s progress and arrange an interview time with you. Parents are also encouraged to make appointments to discuss their child’s progress, especially if there are concerns on your part. Remember if there are concerns, your child’s teacher should be your first port of call. Please phone the school or write a note to the teacher to make an appointment.

Reporting Process

  • Students will receive a formal written report, sent out on Connect, at the end of Semester 1 & Semester 2.
  • Please note that your child’s teacher may request a meeting with you to discuss your child/ren’s progress.
  • Parents should also request a meeting with the teacher if they have any concerns regarding their child/ren’s progress at school.
  • NAPLAN /MSE are conducted annually for students in Yrs 3,5,7 & 9. The assessments cover Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Society & Environment (Yrs 5,7 & 9).
  • PEAC (Year 4 in Term 3) to determine students eligible for inclusion in the District Primary Extension and Challenge courses

Parent Information Meetings

Teachers hold a parent class meeting during Term 1. At these meetings teachers generally discuss class programs, operation of the class, homework expectations, etc. This type of meeting is not the time to discuss individual children. If parents need to have a more in depth conversation about their child, then it is important to make an appointment to see the teacher at a more convenient time. (See Parent Interviews above)