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Dress Code

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The Mukinbudin District High School community actively encourages the wearing of school uniforms and strongly recommends that all items are clearly labelled and identifiable.

Uniforms are seen as desirable for a number of reasons:

  • They promote identity with the school
  • They promote pride in the school
  • They encourage a sense of unification and belonging
  • They eliminate competition in dress issues
  • They allow for ready identification of school members on excursions and thereby promote student safety

This school has a 'No Hat - No Play in the Sun' policy enforced all year round. Students are required to wear a wide brimmed hat for all outdoor activities. This is inline with the schools SunSmart policy. The P & C have school hats that are available for purchase from the front office.

  • Jewellery, other than watches, is not permitted. For example, dangling earrings constitute a safety hazard and are dangerous, although ‘sleeper’ or ‘stud’ type earrings are acceptable.
  • Suitable covered footwear must be worn. Please note: Thongs are not acceptable.
  • All students & staff are not admitted to Home Economics, Industrial Arts or Science practical classes unless they are wearing enclosed shoes.
  • Make up is not permitted and students will be asked to remove if present.

Our Official School Colours are Bottle Green and Gold

Summer Uniform

Bottle green or black shorts/skirt
MDHS Polo Shirt
Green & Gold Polo Dress
Green and white check dress or skirt
Short Plain Socks
MDHS Bucket Hat

Winter Uniform

Bottle Green or Black Tracksuit/sports pants or skirt
Black or Green Tights w shorts/skirt
MDHS Polo Shirt
MDHS Polar Fleece Zip Up Jacket
Short Plain Socks
MDHS Bucket Hat

Sports Uniform

Parents are asked to ensure their children are appropriately dressed for all sporting events.

Bottle green/black shorts or skirt with black sports brief
Bottle green polo shirt (green faction)
Gold polo shirt (gold faction)
Bottle green or black tracksuit/sports pants
Mukinbudin Swimming club or plain black baters/board shorts or black skins (recommended only)
MDHS Polo Shirt (DISA carnivals only)
MDHS School Jacket
MDHS Bucket Hat

Please note: The new bottle green and gold polo shirt is preferred for Interschool Carnivals.

Additional Winter Apparel such as beanies, scarfs, etc to be in line with the Principles of the Dress Code and not worn inside without specific teacher permission.

Availability of dress code items

  • MDHS Bucket hat available from the school office
  • MDHS Polo Shirt, MDHS polar fleece zip up jacket available from the Post Office/Newsagency
  • Swimming club bathers contact Suzi Sprigg (90470041) or Kerry Walker (90471407)
  • All other articles available at most major retailers.
  • A small supply of Second-hand school clothes are available based on supply from the school
  • Students whose families may experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of a uniform should contact the Front Office (Business Manager or Deputy) to discuss the situation

Modifications to the dress code

Students who, for religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the school dress code are required to make an appointment with the Principal or designated staff member. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.

Free dress days

On occasions as advertised and in the evenings on school camps students are permitted to wear free dress so long as it complies with the following guidelines:

  • It appropriately covers the student in manner that is respectful to themselves and others
  • It maintains student safety while carrying out activities i.e. stiletto heels and dangly earrings present a hazard if required to participate in physical activity


  • Students not following the dress code will receive:
    • A note to parents advising of inappropriate dress;
    • Counselling from a designated staff member on the benefits of a dress code;
    • Assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing, if necessary; and
  • Students who still do not comply with the school’s dress code will be denied the opportunity to represent their school at:
    • Official school activities;
    • Interschool sports competitions
  • Other sanctions may include the use of the school consequence chart as per the school behaviour policy.

Review / Endorsement

This policy has been reviewed & endorsed by our:

  • Community Consultation including P&C & Staff: July 2015 – Oct 2015
  • School Board Review: Nov/ Dec 2015
  • School Board Endorsed: 15 Dec 2015

and is due for review in June 2019.

Lost property

To help prevent lost property being unclaimed, it is important that you label all children’s clothing with a permanent marking system.