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Behaviour Management

At Mukinbudin District High School we aim to develop attitudes and behaviour that will result in a safe, caring and mutually respectful environment in which teachers have a right to teach and students have a right to learn.

In the Mukinbudin District High School community we:

LEARN: Every child has the right to learn and must respect the rights of others to learn.

RESPECT: Respect ourselves, respect others and respect our environment/community by developing personal resiliency and demonstrating care for others.

RELATE: Create a safe and supportive learning environment by developing positive social skills and demonstrating tolerance and inclusiveness.

RECOGNISE: Reinforce and promote positive behaviour by acknowledging individuals and groups through the rewarding of positive behaviours.

REFLECT: Take ownership and responsibility for our behaviour choices and how they contribute to the problem.

RESTORE: Once the unacceptable behaviour has been addressed – participate in Restorative Practice steps that are needed to make amends so that we can return to working positively together.