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Welcome from the Principal

It is great pleasure that I welcome you to the Mukinbudin District High School website. This is a portal for you to learn about our Excellent School and Community. This release of our website will server as a hub of information for existing parents and include an area for online payments for fees, excursions, etc. We believe that we live in the greatest place in the world. We are a tight knit community who foster and grow our students to be successful citizens. We have strong partnerships and a solid history of ‘Excellence’ over many years.

In 2014 we further cemented that by re-establishing the face to face delivery of education to Years 7 to 10 students. We do offer services to Yr 11’s and 12’s via School of Isolated and Distance Education with currently 4 students, including one completing ATAR successfully. We value add to learning programs across the school with a vast array of incursions and excursions including but not limited to Country Week, Sporting Carnivals, visiting Artists, Camps, Emergency Services Cadets, Work Experience, Try-a-trade experiences and much more. At our school we have purpose built Food Technology, Science Lab and Desgin and technology facilities to enable our excellent teaching and learning programs. Along with this the staff put lots of hours into further training to ensure the standard of Excellence flows through our school.

We pride ourselves on our state of the art technology with a 1:1 iPad program for Years 7-10 students and a 1:1.2 iPad to student coverage in the Primary years. All classes have Interactive Whiteboards that are connected to new laptops and Apple TV’s to allow for a varied and exciting learning program.

Pastoral Care is a real strength of our school, as a staff we pride ourselves in knowing our students and the addition of a School Chaplain 2 days a week has just strengthened this immensely.

In 2015 MDHS became an Independent Public School with a parent, staff and community orientated Board which has four Business Goals based around ‘Excellence’ in all areas of operation but focussed on ‘Successful Students’;

  • Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Leadership
  • Partnering for Excellence
  • Sustaining Excellence
  • Creating Excellent Citizens

Our 2015-2018 Business Plan Diagram




I am honoured to serve here in the role of Principal since 2013 and hope you enjoy reading and learning about our ‘Excellent’ School and Community. We would love you to come and visit or we are open to applications to enrol.