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Parents & Citizens

P&C General Meetings are held at least once a term and maybe twice depending on the events being planned. Sub-committees of the P&C meet on a needs basis.

The Mukinbudin P&C Association has a strong tradition of supporting students and teachers at the School. All parents are encouraged to attend and contribute to the General Meetings. Membership to the P&C is $1.00 which allows voting at meetings and election to Committees.

Following are the representatives for 2017:

President Carolynn Chapman
Vice President Christine Bowron
Secretary Suzi Sprigg
Treasurer Romina Nicoletti
Catering Committee Co-ordinator Allison Nixon
Catering Committee Leena Bayly
Footy Tipping Committee Peta Watson
Ground Improvement Committee Andrew Sprigg
  Nick Priest
  Ashley Walker
Sports Representatives Kerry Walker
  Amber Silinger
  Krysta Weston

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