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School Board

The Board meets at least once a term is made up of the following members;

Role of Board
Term of Office
Contact Information
Gavin Stevens Principal  

Email: gavin.stevens@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 9047 1053

Darren Marquis Parent Until end of 2021

Email: darren.marquis@landmark.com.au

Phone: 0429 141 176

Dion Nicol Parent Until end of 2019

Email: dion.nicol@uwa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 487 005

Jessica Collins Chairperson Until end of 2019

Email: jeckandandy@bigpond.com

Phone: 0427 471 029

Tim Goulter Staff Until end of 2021

Email: timothy.goulter@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 0416 403 524

Janice Melville Staff Until end of 2021

Email: janice.melville@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 093 578

Alyce Ventris Community Representative Until end of 2021

Email: aeventris92@gmail.com

Phone: 0428 365 018

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FAQ's: Unincorporated School Councils and Boards: Frequently asked questions

Download the latest School Board Minutes

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