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School Board

MDHS School Board

The Board meets at least once a term is made up of the following members;

Role of Board
Term of Office
Contact Information
Gavin Stevens Principal  

Email: gavin.stevens@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 9047 1053

Dion Nicol Parent Until end of 2019

Email: Dion.nicol@uwa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 487 005

Jessica Collins Parent Until end of 2019

Email: jeckandandy@bigpond.com

Phone: 0427 471 029

Kerry Walker Parent Until end of 2018

Email: ashandkerry@bigpond.com

Phone: 0428 471 407

Peta Watson Staff Until end of 2018

Email: tandpwatson@westnet.com.au

Phone: 0428 470 070

Jenny Jenkins Staff Until end of 2020

Email: Jennifer.jenkin@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 486 031

Tara Chambers Bank Branch Manager / Community Until end of 2020

Email: taramchambers@bigpond.com

Phone: 0418 912 125

Gaye Jones Executive Officer    

See the Terms of Reference for details on the makeup and workings of the board.

Next School Board Meeting

Download the latest School Board Minutes in PDF format

Looking for older minutes? You can find them here.