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P&C Footy Tipping

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Getting Started

Please click on the below link and register yourself to be a member, or if you are already a member just check you can still log in.


$50 for weekly winner (person who tips the exact or closest margin and winning team of the first game of that round)

The P&C Bank details are:

  • BSB: 633-000
  • Account Number: 1289 76271

Please put your name and footy tipping as the reference.

The MDHS P&C would like to thank you for your ongoing support now and in the past and wish you all the best for the 2019 tipping competition! Questions? Email mdhsfootytipping@live.com

Student Council and Captains

The Student Council Meetings are convened by the School Chaplain. The Student Leadership group also attend the Halogen Young Leaders Event annually in March. Some of the roles the Student leaders undertake include; Running Assemblies, Co-ordinating special days, Representing the School at Events (ANZAC Day, Sports Carnivals, etc), Peer Mediation, Managing Class Sports Equipment and Advocating for Students.

School Buses

MDHS is fortunate to have 5 bus routes servicing the area and travelling to and from school grounds.

For a student to catch the bus regularly, their parents need to complete a School Bus Transport Application Form which is available from the PTA website http://www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au/.If you need assistance please call into the Front Office and we will be happy to help you complete the forms.

Bus Contacts



Home Phone / UHF Channel


Beacon/ Bencubbin

Gaye Jones

UHF 20

0427 471 040

Bonnie Rock

Gaye Jones

UHF 20

0427 471 040


Peter Geraghty

9047 1031

0429 471 032


Mark Jones

9047 1033

0427 471 033


Glenn Chapman


0415 444 065



School Board

The Board meets at least once a term is made up of the following members;

Role of Board
Term of Office
Contact Information
Gavin Stevens Principal  

Email: gavin.stevens@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 9047 1053

Darren Marquis Parent Until end of 2021

Email: darren.marquis@landmark.com.au

Phone: 0429 141 176

Dion Nicol Parent Until end of 2019

Email: dion.nicol@uwa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 487 005

Jessica Collins Chairperson Until end of 2019

Email: jeckandandy@bigpond.com

Phone: 0427 471 029

Tim Goulter Staff Until end of 2021

Email: timothy.goulter@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 0416 403 524

Janice Melville Staff Until end of 2021

Email: janice.melville@education.wa.edu.au

Phone: 0427 093 578

Alyce Ventris Community Representative Until end of 2021

Email: aeventris92@gmail.com

Phone: 0428 365 018

Next School Board Meeting


FAQ's: Unincorporated School Councils and Boards: Frequently asked questions

Download the latest School Board Minutes

Looking for older minutes? You can find them here.

Parents & Citizens

P&C General Meetings are held at least once a term and maybe twice depending on the events being planned. Sub-committees of the P&C meet on a needs basis.

The Mukinbudin P&C Association has a strong tradition of supporting students and teachers at the School. All parents are encouraged to attend and contribute to the General Meetings. Membership to the P&C is $1.00 which allows voting at meetings and election to Committees.

Following are the representatives for 2019:

President Romina Nicoletti
Vice President Kerry Walker
Secretary Linda Vernon
Treasurer Derick Cronje
Catering Committee Romina Nicoletti
  Allison Nixon
  Nicola Marquis
Footy Tipping
Lara Ballantyne
Ground Improvement Committee Trevor Shadbolt
  Andrew Sprigg
  Nick Priest
  Darren Marquis
  Brendan McCartney
  Ash Walker

Next P&C Meeting

Download the latest P&C Documents